Recent Pictures from members that have taken "F-Stops & Shutter Speeds"



  • What You'll Learn


    Here are the basic photography tips you will get on the Virginia Photo Safari:

    1. how to hold the camera  for maximum picture sharpness;
    2. how to use selective focus to determine the subject of each picture, using focus hold;
    3. how to frame your subject using available flowers, trees, bushes and doorways;
    4. how to keep your vertical lines as straight as possible for professional-looking photos;
    5.  how to fool your camera’s meter, using exposure lock, so that it gives you the correct reading when facing  backlit subjects or light / dark-colored subjects;
    6. how to take pleasing outdoor portraits in bright sunshine and in shade;
    7. how to pose people you DO know  in front of famous landmarks and monuments;
    8. how to take pictures of people you do NOT know.
    9. how and when to use the fill-flash and cancel-flash features of your camera;
    10. how to take close-up pictures of flowers, statues, and monuments;
    11. how  to decide when  to use black and white  vs. color
    12. how to put strong composition lines and balance into your pictures 
    13. how to control depth-of-field with aperture priority settings, how to stop or blur  action using shutter-priority mode.
    14.  how to use the other doodads on your camera you were afraid to try


  • With Virginia Photo Safari,  you also get pre-safari advice on what equipment to bring, and available post-safari critique of the photos you take.

    (For private tutoring on photography and camera use or private lessons in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom for digital editing and workflow, in setting up photo editing hardware, calibration and color management, the use of scanners, printers, and high-end digital cameras, contact:  Sean Holder at sean@seanholderphotography.com