Available One-on-one or two person Photo Safaris


Cost: $120 per person - Private One-On-One Safari


Going on a big trip with your new camera? Do this Safari before you go! You love your camera, BUT – out of fear of doing the wrong thing – you always keep it on a nice, safe “Auto” or “P” and let the camera do the thinking. Or you put it on “M” because you see the pros doing that and STILL your pictures come out poorly exposed! You are depressed! You are intimidated by the letters “A”, “S”, “M”, or “ASM”, or “Av” and “Tv”. As a result you only use $100 worth of the $500 worth of features on your camera!

Does this sound familiar? You are not alone. Help is now on the way from a professional photographer who has made those same F-stop mistake in the book, Sean Holder, director of the Virginia Photo Safari! This special photo Safari will concentrate on understanding WHY you would want to choose “Shutter Priority” or “Aperture Priority” or the “Portrait” setting, or the “Landscape” setting or the “Sports” setting or even the “P” setting for your film or digital camera, whether it is an SLR or a simple point and shoot or “prosumer ” digital/film camera. You will learn how YOU - not the camera -can control the final image.

Take this excellent opportunities to experiment with narrow and wide depth of field, slow and fast shutter priorities, and the effect of wide angle, normal, and telephoto lenses on depth of field.

Bring your camera, and ALL your lenses for this very helpful primer on the proper use of your camera.  If you have neutral density filters to slow down your shutter, bring those too! Got a camera that shoots 2, 3 4, or 5 frames a second?  Bring it, here is your chance to test it out! Got a really FAST lens like a 50mm F1.4 or a 70-200mm F2.8?  Bring it, for sure, to OBLITERATE the background. Got a nice expensive 12-20mm wide-angle? Bring it, to make EVERTHING sharp from foreground to background. No tripods on this safari.


Available for past students of "F-Stops & Shutter Speeds

Waterside is a treasure trove of photogenic delights by day, and it is even better at night! Your Safari begins with an orientation on nighttime photography techniques by professional Hampton Roads Photographers Sean Holder and Barry Rowland. We will use the early evening light, the setting sun, and twilight to shoot the skyline; the illuminated buildings and their reflections in the water; boats and ships in the Harbor; the Ships; and more.

At every location on this photo Safari, Sean and Barry will review the options for white balance settings for digital cameras and techniques for shooting at night without a flash. Sean and Barry will show you where to find great shots of Hampton Roads Area, and how to create them.  A sturdy tripod and cable release (or remote release, on camera timer) are essential.




Sean is currently a full time professional Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer.

If you are looking for a Professional Photographer be sure to check out Sean Holder Photography for Weddings, Events and Family Portraits visit the award winning photographer Sean Holder at www.seanholderphotography.com or blog.seanholderphotography.com


Recent Comments :


"Today was such a blast, and I learned so much about my camera (more than I expected since I've been having this camera for almost 2 years now!). Can't wait to try the Night Photography class next!! Thanks for such a great experience :)Today was such a blast, and I learned so much about my camera (more than I expected since I've been having this camera for almost 2 years now!). Can't wait to try the Night Photography class next!! Thanks for such a great experience :) - Linda S. (Hampton Roads)"

"I really enjoyed the class yesterday at Waterside. Thanks guys! There were so many features to my camera I didn't know how to use. Thank you for helping me learn so much more than I knew before. Phyllis J. (Hampton Roads)"

"Thank You for an Awesome class full of info. on Sunday! Karen K. (Hampton Roads)"

I would highly recommend One Light Safari. I learned a lot about photography with ambient light and flash both inside and outside. The class was small enough that there was time for each participant to practice and ask questions. Sean and Barry were very patient and I feel like a photographer at any skill level would learn from the workshop. It was wonderful to have a model to use to practice the various light scenarios. I would love to do another workshop with Virginia Photo Safari. - DeAnn R. (Lanexa, VA) "One Light Safari Class"

"What a treasure the Hampton Roads area has with Virginia Photo Safari! My move from a point and shoot to a DSLR was much like learning a new language.  What’s an F-stop? Aperture? I spent a lot of time spinning dials and pushing buttons only to come up with sub-par photos.  After just one session with Sean Holder and Barry Rowland, I no longer have to flip through my owner’s manual for definitions and diagrams.  I can confidently choose settings because not only do I now know what they mean, I can make them work for me.  Barry and Sean are extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and committed to making the Photo Safari an outstanding learning experience.  I look forward to putting my newly acquired skills into practice, creating more dynamic and thought provoking images." - Hilary D. (Norfolk, VA)

"Virginia Photo Safari is the best thing that could happen for photographers in Hampton Roads Area. I was fortunate to attend the first class last week and learned some great stuff about Photography. From learning simple basics on Camera holding to little tedious F Stops and Shutters , It was a great fun to be among the highly experienced photographer teachers. I am looking forward to attend more sessions with VA Photo Safari" - Davinder K. (Virginia Beach, VA)

"As a beginner photographer with a point and shoot, I was fortunate to receive lessons from Washington Photo Safari Founder E. David Luria. He, Sean Holder and Barry Rowland were patient with me. It was great learning the basics (holding the camera properly, how to properly pose people for pictures and how to take pictures of tall buildings) to learning the difference between F2 and F22 to shutter speeds to ISO settings. I was able to practice on a loaned DSLR camera and then practice on my own camera. I am now shopping for a DSLR camera (suggestions?) so I can take more road trips and more classes with Virginia Photo Safari. I see a future with my hobby. Thanks Sean Holder and Barry Rowland!!" - Cheryl T. (Chesapeake, VA)

"Before the Photo Safari yesterday, I did not even know how to hold a camera properly. Thanks to you, not only do I look like a "pro" (well, just look like it anyway...lol) when I am taking pictures but now I understand how to utilize the features of my camera as well. I can't believe how much techniques I learned in 3 hours.Sign me up for the next course!" - Cristina N. (Chesapeake, VA)

“I really appreciated the opportunity to learn more photography tips, see new sights that I ordinarily wouldn’t see and meet new people." -
Anna (Virginia Beach, VA)

"VPS is an inviting environment to get the basics or something more. The friendly staff and guest speakers/instructors ensure you feel comfortable with the information presented as well as with your equipment. No matter your level of knowledge you will learn something! First timers don't feel intimidated; this class is for you too! Thanks VPS!" - Landon E. (Portsmouth, Va)

I consider myself an advanced amateur photographer. I am honored to be in the very first Photo Safari last weekend in Portsmouth, VA. It was a great refresher for me on the basics and Mr. Luria was so kind to answer some questions I had that was not in his lesson plan. Thank you Mr. Luria. I look forward to more workshops/safaris in the future. Thank you Sean and Barry for a great learning experience!!:-) - Alice G. (Suffolk, VA)